Ofcom Code of Practice

We’re a member of Ofcom’s Broadband Speeds Voluntary Code of Practice because we’re 100% committed to providing accurate speed estimates when you ask for them.

We take your queries about speed seriously because we know how important fast, reliable internet is to your business.

We also know that this broadband business can be confusing at times. So here’s some key info to get you up to speed…

Broadband speeds explained

  • Access line speed (also known as Estimated Download Speed) – is the range of speeds that you can expect on your line. Check what your own access line speeds are here.
  • Throughput speed – is the speed you experience day-to-day on your computer or device. We’ve listed some reasons why your throughput speed may be affected below.
  • Upload speed – is the speed at which you can upload files to the internet. E.g. uploading an email attachment or a photo album.
  • Minimum guaranteed download speed – is based on the lowest 10% of speeds available to the premises in your area

In general, the closer you are to our broadband equipment, the faster your line will be.

For Onebill Fibre, this will be the green cabinet located on your road.

For standard broadband, it will be your local telephone exchange.

What affects the speed of my broadband?

The actual speed you experience in your business (throughput speed) can depend on the following factors:

  • the type of product you have (Broadband or Fibre)
  • the quality of your phone line, inside and outside of your business
  • the number of people using your line and the number of connected devices
  • the time of day (you may experience lower speeds at peak times such as evenings and weekends)
  • the distance your business is from the telephone exchange (Broadband) or green cabinet (Fibre)

What do I do if I have a speed issue?

If you’re experiencing issues with your broadband speed, go to the help section of our website.

If you signed up to Onebill or upgraded to ADSL or Fibre after 30 September 2016, you can find the speeds quoted to you at the point of sale on your Onebill Account.

If the actual speed you receive is significantly lower than the speed we’ve estimated, please contact us on 0808 178 5200. Our dedicated team will be happy to help.

What happens once I’ve reported a speed issue?

We’ll do whatever we can to fix the problem for you.

If we can’t fix the problem and your speed falls below the minimum guaranteed download speed, you can exit your contract without it costing you a penny. No penalty fees whatsoever.

You can access a full copy of the code here.