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Terms & Conditions

Out-of-bundle charges:

I’ve you have opted-for a PAYG phone/VoIP service, our standard call rates will apply as below:

  • 2p per minute local and national calls
  • 10p per minute to UK mobile networks which excludes Virgin, Lyca and Lebara
  • 20p connection charge
  • Non-Geographic numbers will be charged at the industry set Service Charge + 10p per minute
  • A full breakdown of our call prices can be found online alongside our fair usage policy


We offer a free wireless router and charge £9.99 for tracked delivery, packaging and pre-configuration of your personalised settings. This charge will be added to your first invoice.

  • Maximum estimated download ___
  • Estimated Peak Time Download Speed ___
  • Estimated upload speed ___
  • Minimum guaranteed download speed ___

If your speed falls below the minimum specified for a sustained period, then you may have the right to exit your contract.

If you take our Broadband without a telephone line please be aware you will incur a £3.00 monthly surcharge​​​​​​​​​.​

For the majority of our lines, the broadband will go live on the same day that the line is activated. In a small number of cases it can take up to 10 working days and we will send you a letter or text to confirm the exact date. You can cancel the Broadband with no charge 48 hours before live date.

Transfer / Restart:

If transferring an existing service, your transfer will take approximately 10 working days. You will receive confirmation of the exact date by letter and text message (if supplied). Please note you can cancel the transfer with no charge up to the confirmed transfer date by calling us on 0344 880 9000.

If the existing service at your premises has been stopped, we will reactivate the line. This process will take up to 3 working days but we will do our best to get it done sooner.

Once your broadband is live, please notify your current provider to ensure they stop charging you. Please note if you are required to provide notice please inform us immediately and we will delay the transfer. If they do continue to charge you, we cannot be held accountable’.

Phone Numbers & Number Porting

·     If you are porting an existing phone number, an Open reach engineer will carry out the work on our behalf. A member of our Provisioning team will contact you via SMS to confirm the appointment details.

·     Any cancellation will require 48 hours’ notice before the confirmed appointment date. If you wish to cancel please call us on 0344 880 9000. If you should miss the appointment you may incur a missed appointment fee of £99.

  • We also advise you not to print any new literature until the line is transferred/live.

Call Services

If you currently have any services such as caller display, 1571 or call divert on the line, additional monthly charges will apply for each service.

Price Adjustments / Increases

Your charges will increase on 1 April each year by a percentage equal to inflation plus 3.9%. The increase will be applied to the pre-promotion price. Inflation will be measured as the annual increase in the UK Consumer Price Index as at January in the relevant year


As per standard industry practice, we operate a pre-billing policy. This means that your first bill will contain the present month’s charges plus one month in advance.


As part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, all customers are automatically opted-in to E-billing. If you require printed bills these can be accessed and printed via our online account management portal. If you need Onebill to send you a printed invoice each month, this is available at a cost of £3.50 per month. You can activate this service via our online portal once your account is activated.

Cancellation / Service Termination

If you/or an authorised user cancels this agreement during the minimum term of the contract, it will incur an early termination charge (specified below). Once you are out of your minimum contract term you can cancel your service/s with no charge if you provide 30 days’ notice by letter or email. If you do find you are in contract, please contact us and we can offer £100 credit towards this fee

  • £299 for the line rental and package,
  • An additional £99 for the broadband element of your package
  • An additional £199 for the fibre optic broadband element of your package
  • An Additional £59.99 for any un-returned hardware pre or post sale 
  • If you do find you are in contract, please contact us and we can offer £100 credit towards this fee

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  • I understand that if I/or and authorised user cancels this agreement during the minimum term of the contract I/we will incur early termination charges as outlined above.