In the intricate world of business finances, every penny counts. Sticking with Plusnet, or any industry giant, might mean overlooking the best deals and services. So, when the time arrives to switch broadband provider, here’s a guide on transitioning to a new supplier or gracefully cancelling your contract.

Contractual status check

Given that Plusnet falls under BT’s umbrella, leaving while still in contract may incur costs. Plusnet contracts typically span 12 or 18 months. Exiting prematurely results in an early termination fee, the amount depending on the remaining contract duration.

However, if you’re relocating to an area beyond Plusnet’s coverage, they will release you without termination charges. Once your contract is concluded, you can depart by either switching to another provider or giving Plusnet a 14-day notice of your departure.

Yet, even out-of-contract scenarios may have fees. Disconnecting your phone line or cancelling broadband without transitioning to a new provider incurs a disconnection fee. This fee is also applicable if you switch to a provider outside the Openreach network.

Navigating the process

The simplest route to parting with Plusnet is to switch broadband provider. They will handle the cancellation of your Plusnet service while transitioning you to your new arrangement.

An exception is switching to Virgin Media, where you must personally cancel Plusnet. Ensure your end date aligns with your activation date.

For those cancelling Plusnet without transitioning to a new provider, a call or a letter is required. To cancel over the phone, have your account details ready and dial: 0808 169 2448.

In the case of a cancellation letter, clarity is key. Clearly express your intention to leave, and include your full name, account username, telephone number, and complete address.

Plusnet offers a cancellation form that can be printed and mailed. Completing this form provides Plusnet with the necessary details for processing your cancellation.

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