Code of Practice – Mobile Services

When selling or marketing Mobile Phone Services to customers, Onebill (‘Onebill ’) will comply with this Code of Practice.

Ensuring responsible selling and marketing

  • When selling or marketing Mobile Phone Services, Onebill will not engage in dishonest, misleading or deceptive conduct or contact customers in an inappropriate manner.

Mobile contracts – information given at the time of sale

Onebill will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that before entering into or amending a contract for a Mobile Phone Service with us, our Customer:

  1. Is authorised to do so;
  2. Intends to enter into the contract; and
  3. Is provided with the following information in a clear, comprehensible and accurate manner:
  • The name of the company our Customer entering into a contract with, together with the company’s address and telephone or email contact details; and
  • A description of the mobile phone service; the key charges (including minimum contract charges); payment terms; the existence of any termination right; the likely date the mobile phone service will be provided if it isn’t provided immediately; and any minimum period of contract.

This information will be provided in paper or in another medium which is available to our customer. Where our customer has entered into or amended their contract during a sales call, the information in paragraph 3 will be given by telephone and we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this information is also sent to our Customer in good time following the call in
paper or another medium.

Record keeping

  1. We will create and keep records about the sale of mobile phone services. These records will be kept for six months.
  2. Our records will include the date of the sale, the means through which the contract was entered into and, where applicable, the place where the contract was entered into.