Daisy Communications recently acquired Onebill, bringing these great businesses together – meaning we can now bring you even more greatness.

As the leading independent telecoms provider, Daisy Communications is always expanding and looking for innovative partnerships. We’re integrating our systems, data and services, to bring Onebill customers more support than ever.

As part of a bigger business, we can help you fight back against inflation by bringing you deals across our portfolio, with great offers on connectivity, cloud voice, mobile and payment solutions.

What’s happening?

On 1 October 2023, all of our customer accounts and contracts with Onebill were transferred to Daisy Communications from Onebill. This means, if you are an Onebill customer you will see Daisy Communications on your invoices.

You may have already noticed your Onebill direct debit has been cancelled and a new Daisy Communications direct debit has been setup in its place. There’s nothing to worry about, and nothing you need to do.

Your bill will continue to show all the information you’re used to seeing and you won’t notice any interruptions to your service(s) as a consequence of the transfer – it’s business as usual. The only changes you’ll notice are:

  • If you pay your invoices by Direct Debit, you don’t need to do a thing; your payments will automatically transfer over and Daisy Communications will be listed as the collector on your next statement.
  • If you pay your invoices by cheque/BACS, you have the opportunity to pay by Direct Debit – taking the hassle out of payment and you will have received information on how to make that change or continue paying by cheque/BACS.

Next Steps

We’re streamlining more systems and processes to bring you the best possible service, and you’ll see more of Daisy Communications in your dealings with us. To find out more about Daisy Communications, please visit www.daisycomms.co.uk.