As you gear up for the New Year, consider making resolutions that go beyond the usual self-help goals. Let’s dive into actionable savvy savings steps that aren’t just about promises but practical financial choices to fortify your small business in 2024.

Mindful energy consumption:

When aiming to trim expenses, your energy bill is a good place to start. Conduct an audit of your energy use. Swap out energy-draining light bulbs for cost-efficient LEDs. Consider exploring smart energy solutions; they may require an initial investment but can result in substantial savings in the long run, see our energy saving tips blog.

Tech efficiency check:

Take a closer look at your tech landscape. Identify any redundant software or tools that may be draining your budget without delivering real value. Streamlining your digital tools can not only declutter your operations but also save costs. On the tech front, explore Onebill’s broadband and phone deals; they offer a blend of quality service and affordability.

Embrace remote work:

The past couple of years have highlighted the effectiveness of remote work. If your team can operate from home without compromising productivity, consider making it a permanent or semi-permanent arrangement. This not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also translates to significant savvy savings on office space and related running costs.

Supplier relationships:

Your suppliers can be strategic partners in cost savings. Initiate conversations with them. Negotiate better rates, explore bulk purchasing options, and consider sourcing locally to reduce shipping expenses. Strengthening ties with your suppliers can lead to mutually beneficial arrangements.

Digital marketing on a budget:

Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Leverage the power of digital platforms – from social media to content marketing. Engage with your audience through blogs and newsletters. It’s a cost-effective approach that can yield impressive results.

Invest in employee training:

Your team is an invaluable asset. Consider investing in training programmes that enhance their skills and knowledge. A well-trained workforce is likely to be more efficient, make fewer mistakes, and contribute to long-term savvy savings.

Paperless operations:

Transitioning to a paperless office not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also contributes to cost savings. Embrace digital documentation and communication tools to reduce printing and filing expenses.

Insurance optimisation:

Review your insurance policies. Ensure you have adequate coverage but explore opportunities to bundle policies or negotiate for more favourable terms. Striking the right balance between protection and cost is essential.

Collaborate locally:

Forge partnerships with local businesses. Shared resources and joint efforts can be mutually beneficial, fostering a sense of community while driving cost efficiencies.

Financial wellness check:

Keep a close eye on your financial health. Regularly review budgets, track spending, and adjust financial goals as needed. If navigating complex financial terrain is challenging, consider seeking professional advice to ensure your business’ economic well-being.

These savvy savings resolutions aren’t about grand gestures; they’re about pragmatic and achievable steps that can lead to tangible financial improvements. Explore Onebill’s offerings in broadband, phone, and card payments to find solutions that align with your budgetary goals. Make 2024 the year your business not only survives but thrives financially.

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